SQL Server replication supports the automatic failover of the publisher, the automatic failover of transactional subscribers, and the manual failover of merge subscribers. The failover of a distributor on an availability database is not supported. In an AlwaysOn availability group, a secondary database cannot be a publisher. Re-publishing is not supported when replication is combined with AlwaysOn Availability Groups.

In this blog, I will explain the high-level steps to configure transactional replication for the database participating in Always on availability group(AAG).


  1. Source – SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn with Active/passive synchronous replicas ( AAG Publisher)
  2. Target – SQL Server 2014 Replication Subscriber
  3. Distributor- SQL Server 2014, Remote distributor

Overview of the setup

The following sections build the environment described above:

– Configure a remote distributor

– Configure the Publisher at the original Publisher

– Configure Remote distribution on possible publishers

– Configure the Secondary Replica Hosts as Replication Publishers

– Redirect the Original Publisher to the AG Listener Name

– Run the Replication Validation Stored Procedure to verify the Configuration

– Create a Subscription